Conference themes

Join us for the first ISPS Australia Conference and 2015 AGM in Melbourne

28-29 May, 2015 at La Trobe University, Bundoora

This milestone event for ISPS Australia will focus on conversations about:

  • New approaches to psychiatric practice emerging as discomfort with current practices increases among clinicians, service users and families affected by psychosis                                                                                                 Click here.
  • Details of these new approaches will be discussed by experts in these fields
  • The evidence of real problems with current use of psychiatric medication
  • Problems with fidelity to models of care as they are developed and then implemented by services lead by administrators, not clinicians

The programme follows a dialogical approach, in that all participants will attend and share in each session – and each day will culminate in an extended plenary session where thoughts and feelings in response to this material will be considered as genuine human experiences which can lead to the enrichment of professional practice

The conference aims to provide a space to network and dialogues among like-minded colleagues from around Australia and beyond. If you are curious about these topics, or if they are a burning interest, you will find as network of like-minded people here to share your ideas, in a genuine dialogical space

We recognise the importance of expertise by experience as well as expertise by training and scholarly research, as well as the need to provide an opportunity for interested students to hear alternative views to those taught in the mainstream.

Who should attend?

It will be useful for psychiatrists, psychologists, nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, counsellors, GP’s, support workers, people from the peer identified workforce (both consumers and carers with a lived experience) and individuals, families and carers to attend. We especially encourage students to take advantage of the low price options available to them

Plenary speakers will include:

  • Volkmar Aderhold MD PhD, Consultant Psychiatrist – expert in Open Dialogue and the Need Adapted approaches, and adaptation of these to new services with peer and clinician teams
  • Paul Lysaker PhD, Professor of Psychology – expert in metacognitive approaches to recovery and the use of dialogue in these processes

We have also invited a number of local experts and advocates to join a dialogue with the participants, Volkmar and Paul, as we discuss these emerging approaches and how they can be developed for the Australian community.

These discussions will have input from:

  • Vanessa Beavan
  • Philip Benjamin
  • John Farhall
  • John Hoult
  • Cathy Kezelman
  • Debra Lampshire
  • Lyn Mahboub
  • John Read
  • Alan Rosen
  • Neil Thomas
  • Campbell Thorpe
  • David Ward

If you have any queries about this event, which are not addressed on this web site,  email the organisers at or click here to register for this event


LaTrobe logoISPS Australia 2015 is supported by La Trobe’s Department of Psychology and Counselling and Building Healthy Communities Research Focus Area


To sponsor specific speakers and discuss possibilities for presentations in other locations prior to, or after the conference, please email

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